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Will Turnbull

Polly Jackson - International Event Rider

I have had my protective mats since my lorry was brand new. Will custom made them to fit individual lockers on both the near and offside. I find them easy to use and store and my lorry is undamaged from tieing my horses to it throughout the eventing day. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Testimonials from Our Customers

Karen Beech - Eventer

I've had my mats for 4 years now both inside and out and they have undoubtedly prevented damage to my lorry. We have one particular violent lorry kicker to the point of needing to replace the floor of a lorry where she damaged it! The mats however completely saved the sides of the lorry and are as intact as they were when we bought them. For peace of mind it's a very false economy not to have them. Thank you Will.

Jo Buswell - Eventer

I purchased my first set of mats from Will several years ago when I purchased my equi-Trek trailer. I often have to travel to events on my own so have little choice but to have to tie my horse up at some point during my trip out.

Having spent a reasonable sum of money getting my trailer sprayed metallic black I was of course very keen to protect the paintwork from scratches and damage caused by horses teeth and hooves especially as my horse had a tendency to want to damage anything she is tied up to!

Will made me a customised set of mats that covered the side of the trailer, they came in three parts so were very easy for me to put up and take down on my own and rolled up for easy storage on board the trailer when not in use. The whole process of getting my trailer measured and the mats made was really easy and hassle free and Will attached the fittings onto the trailer for me in less than an hour.

They looked really smart when they were attached to the trailer and above all gave me piece of mind when tying my horse up I knew I would have some paintwork left when I returned! They did a fantastic job of protecting the trailer and when I came to sell it two years later it was still in pristine condition.

I have since had another set of mats made by Will for the lorry I purchased afterwards and shortly will be ordering my third set for my current lorry, for me they are part of the package of owning a lorry. I would recommend both the product and the service.