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Will Turnbull

The Horse Box Protection Mats’ padding's are connected to the lorry by plastic turn buttons and cover the tie rings, normally about 2ft above. They then cover down to the base of the lorry, taking into consideration wheels, lockers, water taps and any other obstructions.

We can custom make any mat to suit any situation and each mat is made individually. For example we can put opening Velcro areas so you can reach into a locker or into the water supply whilst the mat is still hanging.

Each mat is light enough to be hung easily but strong and durable enough to prevent damage. The mats are made from a washable, tough PVC plastic and are filled with foam matting giving plenty of protection from kicks and teeth marks.

We have also made mats to protect the inside of the lorry from horses kicking or to help and keep safe bad travellers.

The mats can be fitted anywhere and come in a variety of colours. The most popular colours are black and grey, and we can try to match the colour to that of your lorry if desired. We have even made them in brown and silver.

The mats can be easily washed , folded and stored away and used time and time again.

Prices start from £150.

We are always interested in any other matting/padding problems you may have where I'm sure we can help by coming up with a solution and so please get in touch with your specific requirements.

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